Friday, 17 February 2012

SEO Techniques For A Press Release

Writing press releases is also a good way to implement the technical optimization search engine. But it's true, it may be difficult because of the press releases are not like any other web content. You must be very careful when it comes to the use of key words and key phrases, because you are basically craft a news article that people will fill in the information is expected. As you know, SEO is all about placing strategic keywords or key phrases in the copy. So, how do you do now, that with a press release?

You should at least try a keyword or search term in the introductory paragraph of the press release, much better if you can place it in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Normally, the first paragraph of a press release a summary of what the whole article is about. Most authors include facts and figures right at the opening statement to provide more influence for his readers. You can also try opening up your press release with a quote from a point person, but it could be a challenge when it comes to the insertion of a keyword.