Friday, 17 February 2012

Submit your Articles to the Best Article Submission Sites

Article marketing can reward you with a number of significant advantages. If done correctly, it can generate a monthly income from your online business. It can bring in traffic loads. And it can help improve the page rank of your website. But if you only write one or two articles per week, you can not achieve these goals. You must write at least four to five articles per week (1 day would be better and three times a day would be better), and you must submit your items to the best article submission sites.What I mean by the best pages for writing articles? For most, these are the directories include more items in general and websites with a Page Rank of four and above. It does nothing good for your article on a website that is little traveled.
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Therefore it is important to follow your article and see how many page views that your articles are monthly. If the article directory, you can check your stats section to do so. This feature allows you to determine the number of page views your articles receive. If your comments are received some page views, if at all, stop and submit them to submit to another.