Thursday, 11 October 2012

What are the Benefits of Directory Submission?

A web directory  specializes in offering links to other websites and arranging them according to several categories. These categories are based on the contents of the websites and not just on some keywords or the content of a page within a website. The web directory sets a limit of the number of categories that a website can be included in, and that is usually of two categories.
There are two types of web directories, those where the websites are listed according to categories, languages and regions, and those focusing on single languages or restricted regions. Directory submission can be either free, when there is no site review charge, or paid, when you have to pay a fee for the submitted link review.
One of the most important benefits of directory submission is the visibility enhancement of websites, which is why website owners employ this technique which has the potential to improve search engine rankings. Many of you will wonder what the benefits of directory submission are now; when the search engines have taken over and have gained all the popularity that the web directories used to have. The benefits are numerous.
First of all, directory submission means that your website will be indexed regularly since your site will be found easily by crawlers.

Secondly, the one way links provided by most web directories are beneficial for the search engine optimization of your website. In other words, directory submission is directly linked to SEO. One of the criteria that the search engines use in their rankings is the number of inbound links to your website. Thus, the one way links provided by directory submission, which are considered more valuable than reciprocal links, will enhance your search engine rankings. Directory submission is therefore the best if you decided to get quality inbound links to your website.